The MEDIUM 700+ range distinguished itself by its exceptional services which nothing equals in its category and also by its compact and strong design. The perfect compromise between performance and weak dimensions. A very complete range, entirely adjustable, which allows the most diversified developments, a real kitchen à la carte, thanks to a lot of units in TOP or Monobloc. Practical equipments, easy to use and an original design, torealize today a sober and ergonomic kitchen, it is possible with the MEDIUM 700+ range. It is now possible to place back-to-back the MAXIMA 900+ range equipments with those of the MEDIUM 700+ range.

As regards flexibility, we cannot do better!

TECHNOLOGY "POWER FLAME" Power and precision that's never been attained! Exclusive concept, allowing the burner's flame to adjust itself automatically to the diameter of the cooking pans (10 to 40 cm). Permanent control of the flam, which brings higher energy savings, and not to forget that these burners have a higher output (till 60 % more) then the classic burners. 5,5 kW regulation from 1.6 till 5,5 kW.


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