PERFORMANCE IN AN INNOVATIVE MODULARITY!  A range of specific equipment in modules of 400, 700, 1100 and 1500 mm width. In "Top" or "Monobloc" version, the OPTIMA 700 line is very versatile with more than 90 appliances, 100% customizable, and offers coun-tless possibilities. Arrangement possibilities 700+700 "BACK to BACK" or in combination with the new line MASTER 900 700+900. Due to these exceptional performances, robust design and reliability the new OPTIMA 700 line is the current benchmark on the market. Line features: stainless steel upper Top AISI 304 with thick- ness of 15/10 front edge with drain gutter, pressed-in and waterproof planes, internal angles of rounded tanks, quality components "High Technology"... A perfect finish, attention to detail, superb design and a perfect alignment and an easy "HEAD to HEAD" module connection.


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