Self 700 includes a series of modular elements mounted on wheels that can easily be placed side-by-side. They can be positioned individually as islands or joined in line.The practicality of joining and separating the various modules lets you use Self 700 also in all those cases when it is necessary to optimize the composition of the line by frequently varying the arrangement of the elements. A wide range of practical accessories completes the Self 700 line and offers the best response to meet all of your needs for functionality and ergonomics. Technology, aesthetics, and construction in stainless steel18/10 ensure a high-quality product that is extremely reliable and is produced with close attention to details, in line with the finest standards. Self 700 line, “Kinder” version. This is the line with a reduced height (800 mm). It supports a wide range of elements and accessories of the standard series. It is the optimal solution when the users are children. Perfect for elementary and junior high school cafeterias. ATTENTION:  All devices in this section comes standard with adjustable feet, not on wheels as presented on the pictures !! Wheels on request Ref: KR2F.


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